Core-4 Investing provides investment advisory and industry consulting through Rick Ferri, LLC.

Rick Ferri has been setting investment policy and managing portfolios for individual clients and institutions most of his career. He was one of the first advisers to embrace a low-fee philosophy and offered significantly reduced asset management fees to his clients. Rick will offer as-needed hourly advice to individual clients and institutional investors starting in April 2019 when a non-compete with his former company ends. Request to be notified when this service is available.

Rick Ferri also assists advisers and other financial professionals solve problems and pursue new opportunities. Whether the issue is investment management, brand awareness, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, increased regulation, fee compression, technology disruption or the rise of robo-advisers – Rick’s 30 years experience can help you succeed in today’s marketplace.  Contact Rick Ferri for more information.


Core-4 Custom Portfolios are uniquely designed to fit a specific need. They can be created for individual investors, non-profit organizations and pension funds including self-directed retirement plans.

The financial markets are complex, and creating a custom portfolio can be challenging amidst thousands of mutual funds and ETFs. Often a portfolio will have a tax consequence that hinders change. Core-4 can help. Rick Ferri has created custom portfolios for hundreds of private  investors and institutions. The portfolios are tailored to the needs of each person or organization.

Rick will analyze your current investments and determine how to best move forward to achieve portfolio simplification with as few funds as feasible with increasing risk or reducing diversification.

Investment companies and other institutions are welcome to contact Rick Ferri to discuss licencing Core-4 Portfolios.

Core-4® is a registered trademark of Rick Ferri, LLC.